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Monday 11 December 2006


I would just like to take some time away from scarey things and fears to talk about Christmas. It is above all others, my favourite day of the year. It is the one day I look forward to. A friend of mine recently told me that he does not like Christmas. He has reason not to, but I find this very sad. I agree that the commercial aspect has taken over and can be a bit ugly and make people greedy. I feel so lucky to have the family I have. We spend the whole of Christmas day together, in the sitting room, with a roaring fire going, and we sit and talk and eat crackers and cheese and paté, and cookies and chocolates and listen to Christmas music all day long. The presents are not important. Though I must admit I really enjoy watching one of my family members opening a present from me and seeing their face.
In fact I remember one year we were too poor to buy presents or even a tree. My younger brother went off on his bike to the Christmas tree lot and gathered all the scraps and branches laying around and we stuck them in the bookshelf and hung decorations on them. He made us sock puppets and I baked all kinds of cookies and treats and wrapped them under the "tree". It was one of the best Christmas years that I can remember.
Throughout the year I can be sad or scared, constantly worried, frustrated, fed up. But there is just something about Christmas day. I have never been sad on Christmas day. I have been sick, but not sad. Nothing plauges my mind on that day except good thoughts.

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