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Wednesday 17 January 2007

If at First You don't Succeed

Try try again. Yeah yeah, I know. Back on the horse, bla bla blah. You see, I had this interview. I thought it was going to be it, my foot in the door to the film world. I could just imagine it, a Runner for an actual film and tv production company. Out of 150 applicants, 12 got to the first interview stage. Then about 4/5 got a second interview - including me! I was feeling so good about myself, until I got the call, that's right, the rejection call. Disappointment flooded me, followed by sadness, then deeper sadness, then anger, then self-hatred, then a weird calm, and then sadness again.

But hey! I just realised, at least I am trying. I am actually doing something. I'm not just sitting on my ass wishing and hoping and dreaming. I am trying to go after my dream. It's only the first try. And I actually did pretty well on my first attempt. So, logically I should do even better next time. The only thing, is that I can't seem to find another opportunity like this. I'm not seeing any windows right now. I suppose if I just keep looking I will find one, right?
But in the mean time, my money I had saved up is dwindling away. I still need a job. Well, I suppose if all else fails I can go work in fast food. yay

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