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Sunday 10 December 2006

The Hunt is On

Job hunt that is. CV's flying everywhere, possibly striking people in the eye, which isn't great as CV's are made of paper. So, must be careful how you throw them at people. Next comes the hunt for the courage to pick up the old telephonic device and make some follow up phone calls. But this will be quite difficult as I have an irrational fear of talking on phones. Seriously, sweaty palms, a thundering heart and a quivering voice accompanied by uncontrolable shaking followed by loss of memory and identity. It's great fun it is. Looking forward to it, or not doing it more likely and then hitting myself. But not too hard now, because I bruise easily. Not like my brother, who just doesn't bruise at all, the bugger. You could whack him with a hammer, and nothing. Not that I have ever hit him with a hammer. Maybe I could make some money off of his amazing super freakness, like travel the country with a circus and show him off while hitting him with various objects.

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Salix Tree said...

I'm going to tag you with a meme, it's fun! List your 5 (or more) favorite Christmas songs! ;-}
Here are mine: http://artnook.blogspot.com/