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Saturday 12 May 2007

I Want to Ride my Bicyle, I Want toRride my Bike

Gee, been a while since I wrote to this blog, or any of my blogs for that matter. Guess I haven't had much to write about or just been too busy actually. Because, that's right, I got myself a job. Yeah, like 9 weeks ago! I'm a bicycle courier. I got the idea as I was regularly going out cycling in the Phoenix Park due to boredom. I fell in love with it and thought, why not make some money out of it. And it was easy, filled in an application form, then they called me and said here's the job, just like that, no interview or nothing.

It's been a roller coaster since then. I have had to endure stress, pain, low wages but I have also enjoyed the sun, the company of people and the high level of fitness I now have. And I am starting to feel settled and enjoy the job. I don't see myself doing it long term, but for now I like it. It feels good to be working and getting exercise at the same time.

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